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Virtual Event: Dungeons & Dragons comes to Hooksett!

Join the Hooksett Public Library for an online, high fantasy adventure in the world’s premiere role-playing game! Dungeons and Dragons is a game in which players work together to create a shared story in a fantasy world, describing the actions of their characters and reacting to the narration of the Dungeon Master (our staff member Aidan), while also incorporating strategic gameplay and creative problem-solving! This session will be for players 13 to 18, and all experience levels are welcome! If you have never played before, please join the call early at 2:40 to learn the basics and choose a character. For those who want to make a character ahead of time, we will be using 5th Edition D&D and level 3 characters.

Registration is required and space is limited! The game will be played remotely through Roll20, a free online video chat service that includes a shared, interactive drawing space that players can use to draw maps and visualize their gameplay. Registered players will be sent a link one hour before the game starts, which will ask to make a free account the first time they join and then will place them right into the session! Feel free to reach out to Aidan with any and all questions at


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