Hooksett Library Honored with Family Place Library Award

We are pleased to announce that our library was honored with the "Family Place Library" award on Friday, April 28th, 2017. The Family Place Library accreditation team visited the library to formally present the award and talk about the mission and vision of being a "Family Place Library", which truly is a national model and certification for public libraries. Being a Family Place Library means that our library is truly family-focused and has used the 4-pronged approach to becoming so. 1) We have implemented the Parent Child Workshop for ages 0-3 where resource professionals (pediatricians, speech pathologists, etc) visit each week in an informal, play-based setting. 2) we have a parenting collection housed in the Children's Room, 3) we have employed play-based interactive learning centers like the train table and the kitchen set, which help children learn skills they will need before they enter school and 4) we have created community partnerships. All of this is in the name of early literacy and providing support to families to make sure children have the skills they need before they begin school at age 5. Please contact Grace Larochelle or Heather Rainier for more information.