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Access to billions of historical documents, millions of historical photos, plus local narratives, oral histories, indexes and other resources in over 30,000 databases that span from the 1500s to the 2000s.

Online access to local, state & national news stories.

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We’ve Got News For You!

We've added NewsBank to our online resource offerings! With NewsBank, you can explore and stay informed on local and national topics, people and events in areas such as business, health, education, jobs and careers, political and social issues and more. NewsBank features a wide variety of credible, vetted news sources spanning the U.S., including local news sources. Available remotely 24/7 on any device!

Online access to local, state & national news stories...

  • current issues and events
  • archives for background coverage 
  • obituaries 
  • articles on business, health, education 
  • real estate data 
  • letters to the editor 
  • editorials 
  • special sections 
  • and much more!

Get Started

  1. Visit any of these links: 
    America's News | Concord Monitor | Hooksett Banner & Neighborhood News | Union Leader
  2. Log in with your Hooksett Library Card and account PIN.
  3. Start searching!

Coverage at Every Level

  • Local Search or browse information from your local area 
  • State Search dozens of news sources from across your state 
  • National Search nearly 3,000 news sources from across the country 

Why use America’s News?

  • Get help with everything from homework to health care and job searches 
  • Find information on issues, people, and events 
  • Understand current and evolving events and issues 
  • Compare viewpoints from different news outlets and different geographic locations 
  • Track trends over time with coverage from several decades

Help Resources

  • User Guide – a one-page PDF how-to guide to share with staff or print and place near your electronic resources and on your reference desk
  • How To Videos – a series of tutorials covering product features
  • Search Tips – a PDF with tips and tricks for effective, efficient searches

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